My team just isn't reaching their goals and I can't get them motivated when working remotely.

Team Performance

When employees feel they are pushed into goals, and not creating them together, they are more likely to give the minimum to achieve them.

What Causes Team Performance Issues

These are common causes we have seen to be typical of this issue. This list is not exhaustive but helps you to understand some of the potential root causes.

Lack of Co-Creation

Employees want to live the change they seek in the world. When they don't feel part of the process of creating goals, they are less likely to give full discretionary effort to achieve them.

Mirroring of Ideas

Performance can only be achieved when a shared understanding of goals are realized by the team. When employees can mirror their understanding of those goals, come to conclusions and produce results, they can then perform effectively as a team.

No Action

When action is not taken, it can be normally tracked back to employees not feeling safe in communicating challenging ideas.

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