The RBC Model

The RBC Model

5 Steps to the CultureUp! Model ™

Emotional connection can happen when you focus on the right elements. Ignoring fundamental problems of communication is what gets us all into trouble. How are you going to connect emotionally and get the results you want?

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    Co-creating is the perfect start to making change happen. We must first establish the situation – the “What’s Up” to our work together. We then drill down to the underlying problems and necessary resources we require. Then possible solutions and what we must take action on. We can only do this by feeling safe in communication, challenging ideas, and mirroring our understanding of these ideas.

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    Creating a positive vision of the future brings team strength. People want a reason to work at their best, e.g., a compelling purpose for our/my future. Shorter term goals and the current mission play a big part in setting such a vision. We must also see ourselves and the company in the longer term.

Results Based Culture model 2
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    People seek alignment. This is where we bring together our common values. Why is it that we really like to be with others? It is because we seek some level of sameness in each other? In the absence of similarity we seek the most common denominators of human values and practices. The universal truths of doing the right thing. First we establish an understanding of these universal truths. Then we move forward toward achieving results. 

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    People get motivated when they feel deeply respected and appreciated for their contributions. In Swahili, they say Sawa Bono – I see you. First we establish understanding and appreciation. Motivation has a high correlation to respect and appreciation. Give it and you get it back. It is the new currency for companies. 

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    Movement determines results.  Don’t just sit there, move! Yes, we need to rest. Yes, we need to meditate. Yes, we need to eat right and exercise. However, we can’t sit on the couch. Our grandparents were asked to go to war. We are asked to sit on our couches. Get it done! This is where Culture goes Up! to results.  

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