Science Behind Emotional Connectedness and Most Loved Workplace®

Our Most Loved Workplace® model is based on the science of emotional connectedness from substantial literature reviews, peer reviewed journals, comparative analysis to existing models and constructs, and application to 1000s of employees, teams, and companies around the world with regard to the degree of emotional connectedness between employees and the company. The research contends that regardless of distance if employees are emotionally connected to the company and have a high degree of functional working relationships, they will survive, thrive, and develop in any environment, crisis, or problem. With emotional connectedness comes highly productive, engaged, results-driven employees.

The work is reflected in the books and research within Louis Carter's book, In Great Company (McGraw Hill) as well as his research inside the Leader to Leader Journal article, and over 11 books on organizational change and leadership development including Change Champion’s Field Guide (John Wiley), Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organizational Change (Jossey Bass), Best Practices in Talent Management (Jossey Bass) among many others…

The research has been tested against over four existing methodologies including the work of Meyer and Allen on Organizational Commitment, Amy Edmundson on psychological safety and the freedom to innovate, Peter Senge’s organizational learning principles, and The Big Five Personality Framework. Our tested analysis has proven high reliability with all of these existing models and constructs and our own measurement of performance - willingness to perform above and beyond the call of duty.

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