We are struggling to work together as a group to reach our goals. Everyone is going in their own directions and lack focus.

Goal Alignment

Teams and systems need shared goals to achieve. If those goals are not realized and aligned with all employees, they won’t be achieved.

What Causes Goal Alignment Issues

These are common causes we have seen to be typical of this issue. This list is not exhaustive but helps you to understand some of the potential root causes.

Common Values

People seek alignment. This is where we bring together our common values. Why is it that we really like to be with others? It is because we seek some level of sameness in each other.

Shared Vision

Without similarity and shared vision, we seek the most common denominators of human values and practices and lose sight of the universal truths of doing the right thing.


The lack of clear communication from leaders to establish an understanding of universal truths prohibit the team from moving forward toward achieving results.

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Karen Dyson, Lieutenant General

Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management & Comptroller

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