We have had to layoff people, move to a remote team, and we are losing our corporate purpose and direction.

Losing Direction

Without a strong feeling of purpose, value alignment and positive vision for the future, the only employees who will stick around are the ones you don’t want.

What Causes Losing Direction Issues

These are common causes we have seen to be typical of this issue. This list is not exhaustive but helps you to understand some of the potential root causes.

Positive Future

Creating a positive vision of the future brings team strength. People want a reason to work at their best, and if they can't find it at your company, they will work at their worst - even if they are one of the lucky ones who still have a job.


Employees are looking for a compelling purpose for a newly defined future, both their own future and their role in the company's future. If they don't view the company in the longer term, and have hope for humanity they will coast along and hide from you.


Our early research showed that the number 1 reason top talent did poorly for organizations is when they felt the company didn't live the values they espouse. It is more than writing them on the wall or etching them in stone.

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The RBC model has helped me develop and sustain caring, respectful, collaborative relationships that have the very best outcome for our staff and patients. When you forge a bond that is respectful of patients and employees, you will always win.

Ray Williams

CEO at Springfield Clinic

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