We need to change direction in the "new normal" but the team is lacking focus.

Change Resistance

Dissatisfaction, Vision and First Steps toward a better future always overcomes resistance. You can either innovate and move forward, or move backwards.

What Causes Change Resistance Issues

These are common causes we have seen to be typical of this issue. This list is not exhaustive but helps you to understand some of the potential root causes.

It has always worked for us

Without a strong vision for the future especially in times of chaos, organizations will rest on their laurels, get by, and hope nobody notices, all while your strongest talent leaves for a forward-thinking organization.

Stuck in neutral

Typically caused by employees who stay due to commitment, and not a choice. When any relationship is dictated by commitment, change (read innovation) will be avoided at all costs.


Movement determines results. Don’t just sit there, move! Yes, we need to rest. Yes, we need to meditate. Yes, we need to eat right and exercise. However, we can’t sit on the couch. Our grandparents were asked to go to war. We are asked to sit on our couches. Get it done! This is where Culture goes Up! to results.

Are you looking for a better way?

RBC offers a practical process to help leaders make the commitment to ongoing improvement and organizational change. This is an approach that can have a positive impact on business outcomes. By practicing the prescriptions that he provides, people can be their best at work and truly feel like they are in great company.

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